TacComms Class

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TacComms Class

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I will be introducing a new class. It will be a class based on tactical use of VHF/UHF squad comms. This class will teach you to lower your radio signature. You will be building multiple antennas. You will be learning and using a one time pad. You will be put up against a SIGINT team in the field that is hunting you while you are out in the field trying to communicate with your other team.

If you and your team have their own equipment it is encouraged to bring it out to test it out.

I will provide the gear otherwise.

This class will be 8hrs and $150 per student.

I am always open to private training. My minimum is 5 people.

Contact me at [email protected]
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Re: TacComms Class

Post by GhostTiger01 »

Sounds fun! You'll have to post some AARs once you've run a few classes.

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Re: TacComms Class

Post by Mike »

This sounds awesome.
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