Stuck Pig Medical IFAK

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Stuck Pig Medical IFAK

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I am working with NAR right now to put together a Stuck Pig Medical IFAK that is full of only the things you need and no fluff. This is just a "refill" kit which means it is just the supplies. There will be an option to purchase a DST pouch by Esstac along with it. That is the pouch I use and swear by. But you can always just use whatever pouch you already have. It may take a few weeks for me to get it all taken care of, but once I do it will be available for purchase direct from me shipped and I will be selling them at classes along with a few other items that are commonly requested. Once I get everything with NAR complete I will have more information for you including a price. I am very excited to have this put together for you guys. And this is just the beginning!
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Re: Stuck Pig Medical IFAK

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Oh yes.....
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