Hey y'all, what's happnin

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Hey y'all, what's happnin

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Well, New Members must post introduction, so here I am.
I don't talk about myself much, and definitely not eloquently, especially when written, so...
50, married, East Tennessee by way of WV, FL, MD.
Shorter time than planned for USMC, long ago. Currently OTR Truck Driver.
Home time consists of trying to get caught up on projects, keeping my daughter's idea of me Great, getting stuff off the top shelf for my Wife, and getting in her way.
Couple dogs, couple cats, few chickens, couple horses.
Looking to add rabbits.
Current Technician license holder, studying for General.
Fucked up sense of humor.
Some say that I'm a Good Guy.
Some say I'm an asshole. Fuck those guys.
Just trying to get better at what I need to get better at and hopefully help someone else along the way.
Any questions, just ask.

Oh, and kinda half a retard sometimes, and may need an actual picture actually drawn for me. Kinda dense on occasion 😂

Anyway, thanks for having me, I'll try to make it worth your bandwidth.

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Re: Hey y'all, what's happnin

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I like it! Git R done!
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Re: Hey y'all, what's happnin

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Welcome. Make yourself at home.
"As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Man Sharpens Another " Proverbs 27:17

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Re: Hey y'all, what's happnin

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Welcome! Glad to have you!
Why is it so hot? Why am I in this hand basket? Where are we going?